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FAQ 검색
FAQ 검색

Asked Questions

Inaba Foods Europe 목록

  1. Q

    What makes INABA® different from other brands?

    INABA® products are brought to you by an eighth generation family-owned company. Every product we offer is made in our very own facilities with 100% human grade ingredients following strict FDA guidelines. Plus, none of our competitors are as fanatically focused on quality, taste and nutrition as us.

  2. Q

    Where are your Grilled Fillets and Churu® Purées made?

    All INABA® products packaged for sale in Europe are produced in Saraburi, Thailand at our wholly owned and operated, state-of-the-art plant.

  3. Q

    Are INABA® treats human grade?

    While these treats are not intended for human consumption, they’re made of 100% human grade ingredients and prepared in precisely the same way as our “people food.”

  4. Q

    Where are your ingredients sourced?

    Our chicken breast fillets are from cage-free chickens raised on family farms close to our facilities in Thailand. Our pure, whole muscle skipjack tuna is responsibly harvested in pristine West Pacific waters by a select fleet of fishing boats. All the other natural ingredients in our Fillet broths and Churu® Purées are sourced in Thailand. Every ingredient we use is human grade.

  5. Q

    What does your “Dolphin Safe” seal mean?

    Each batch of wild-caught tuna arrives at our processing facility with a certificate of origin specifying where and how it was harvested. We only work with fisheries that employ dolphin-friendly fishing techniques, in accordance with the best practices of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

  6. Q

    Why is there green tea extract in these treats?

    This naturally derived herbal supplement is an excellent source of antioxidants. Also, caffeine free.

  7. Q

    Do you add fillers to these products or anything artificial?

    We never have and we never will!

  8. Q

    What steps do you take to ensure the safety of these products?

    Unlike many pet food companies, all of our feline treats are produced and packaged in our own state-of-the-art plants. We follow rigorous food safety procedures every step of the way in accordance with FDA handling, preparation and processing guidelines. As caring pet owners ourselves, we’re just as concerned about the health and happiness of your cat as you. That’s why every batch is rigorously tested for pathogens and contaminants by a third party independent laboratory before shipping.

  9. Q

    What’s the difference between your regular Fillets and Extra-Tender Fillets?

    We take an extra step to tenderize these tuna or chicken portions, which makes them especially appealing for teething kittens or older cats.

  10. Q

    How many INABA® treats can I serve my cat per day?

    That depends upon the size, weight and activity level of your pet. Remember that treat calories should be taken into account when you add up the total calories you feed your cat daily. Specific feeding guidelines are listed on the back of every package and in the product information pages on this site.

  11. Q

    Can I feed these treats to my dog?

    Absolutely! Just keep in mind that INABA® treats are not intended to replace a main meal. They are for supplemental feeding only.